Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wandering thoughts in walmart...So I was wandering through the supermarket and this idea was in my head. I have no clue where it is going but I will share it with you

The dream is reoccurring. I am on the public transit bus on my way to school with my headphones on low. I am glad because it is Friday and I only have one class on Friday’s. I am subtly people watching and thoroughly amused by a few girls checking out a guy who is trying to pretend he doesn’t notice. The bus stops and the people disappear. This is when I know I am dreaming. “Cool a lucid dream!” I think to myself excitedly. They are always the coolest. The door opens and a guy walks onto the bus. My first thought is “Somebody needs to feed this dude.” His jeans are too long they’re frayed at the bottom from being walked on. His tan corduroy jacket hangs on him. His hair is that in- between color not quite brown not quite blond. He puts his tokens in the machine then turns toward me. I smile he is wearing a faded black shirt with Mickey Mouse on it. Our eyes meet… I can’t adequately explain the feeling that hit me in the chest taking my breath away. Dred and elation, fear and expectation, shock and curiosity I know that I am owned. I am his. My adrenaline spikes my body screaming at me fight or flight. It is pointless, the decision made without my permission. He is walking toward me holding my gaze a knowing little grin on his cute yet unremarkable face. My thoughts are as erratic as my emotions, zigzagging around like dandelion fluff on a windy day. “He’s a witch! Or is he a warlock cause guys can’t be witches? I should run! But I don’t want to, or at least I don’t think I want to. What does it matter it’s a dream anyway. He looks hungry maybe I should ask him to lunch.” He sits right beside me and our shoulders touch. The most disgustingly girly feeling makes my heart stutter. We are face to face. His eyes are the color of fresh green grapes. They are bright and glowing like he is super excited about something, or high maybe he’s high. He wets his bottom lip and my eyes are drawn there. He has the most delectable mouth I have ever seen. I look back at his eyes and then his mouth again and then his eyes. They war for my attention and my eyes are indecisive. I must look like a cartoon character. He chuckles a low masculine sound it reverberates through me. I wake up.


  1. Oh, lovely! Doesn't that just send your imagination soaring.Is he a vampire? A shifter? or just one of those rare things, a regular guy who makes every cell in your body say, "Yes, you."
    Very cool, Syretta!