I seriously need to start wearing a watch. The clock in my seventh period class is behind me and Mr. Sumner gets irritated when he sees students check the clock. Now he droned on about something or other. I wasn't listening. I have a hard time listening to his monotone any day but Friday's are particularly difficult. And the Friday before Christmas break...UNBAREABLE!
The last ten minutes of school are the slowest. “Come ON! “ I whispered emphatically making Zayna giggle. Mr. Sumner whipped his head around.
“Miss Sarini!”
(He wheezes horribly so it sounded more like Missss wheeeez Sarini wheeeezzze!)
“Is there something you would like to share with the class?” Zayna shook her head but the amused grin still tilted her lips. Typically the prettiest most popular girl is school is the head cheer leader and a major snob. Well not at Forester High. Zayna is the editor of the school paper, one of the nicest people I know and the girlfriend of my best friend. The minutes ticked by slowly and then...sweet freedom the bell rang! I sighed as I stood. Zayna rushed over to me and bumped my hip with hers
“Christmas break here we come. You ready ?” I nodded. “I'm gonna miss you though.” Zayna sneaked an arm around my waist. “ Hey don't worry I don't leave for three days .” I realized then that Zayna had forgotten I was leaving that night. That's Zay though incurably forgetful.
We pushed our way into the over crowded hall way. “But I leave tonight remember. Daddy's flying in and we're going to drive to Kentucky to see Aunt Janet's family for three days before we go home to Washington.” Zayna frowned. “Oh yeah that's right.”
I walked giddily thrilled at the thought of going back home and seeing my grandparents, cousins aunts and uncles. The holiday's are always busy for my mom and this year her boyfriend Zack would be keeping her company so I wouldn't be too missed.
Our lockers are side by side so Zay and I usually wait there for Jaxon and sometimes his older brother Taylor . I go to their house for tutoring every Friday. Zayna and I became friends after she started dating Jaxon when she moved here from Georgia last year. She opened her locker and stuffed her books in sloppily. I frowned as I opened my locker. I love the girl but she has zero organization skills. Zayna ripped a page from her note book and stuffed her gum in it. “You know Lace, Mr. Sumner has as much personality as a slug.” Her southern drawl carries and I heard a few laughs. “ It's so hard to listen to him I feel like I'm in class with the Peanuts all I hear is wha wha wah wah wha.” She crossed her eyes and tilted her head to the side. Laughing I nodded my agreement while my eyes searched for Jax. He and Taylor stood together talking animatedly (most likely about football.) They look a lot alike but Jaxon is darker. His skin is the exact color of milk chocolate and he wears his hair short whereas Tay's skin is more a toffee and he wears his hair in shoulder length dreads.
“Have you seen my other earring Solace?” Zayna said. I turned and grinned. “Nope and I am not putting my hand in there.. No telling what will bite me!”
“ She smiled back . “Try to learn something this time sister-friend.” Zayna rummaged around in her pig sty of a locker looking for her sunflower earring.
“Hey I've learned plenty! I got a B+ on this last quiz and that's awesome compared to the D's I was getting. I'm quite proud of myself thank you very much.” Zayna giggled.
“I'm proud of you too.” Jaxon's familiar tenor brought a smile to my face. Zayna and I both turned as she adjusted her backpack. I averted my eyes as she stood on her toes to kiss him. Envy rolled through my veins hot as lava making my skin prickle uncomfortably. The door opened at the end of the hall and I raised my face to the chilled air hoping they'd assume my cheeks were pink from the cold. Even though my feelings for Jax are completely platonic I really don't like sharing him selfish creature that I am. Plus P.D.A always makes me uncomfortable. (Correction selfish prude that I am) Taylor rolled his eyes as he passed and I barley suppressed a chuckle.
Zayna sighed sweetly
“You make sure our girl learns something today handsome.” He nodded. “Yes ma'am.” Zayna gave a flirtations smile and I wrapped a purple scarf around her neck “I brought this for you because you always forget yours no matter how cold it is.” She grinned. “Thanks.”
If Jaxon had to fall in love with someone I was beyond glad it was Zayna. She blew an air kiss before leaving. I shrugged into my coat and closed my locker and Taylor pulled his pack' strap up on his shoulder. “You ready?”
“Yep.” For some reason we walk extra slow when we're together. It's been like that since fifth grade. My mother and I moved from Spokane Washington to St. Charles County Missouri after my parents divorced. Mom is a psychic and she promptly turned our house into her agency complete with a big sign in the front yard that says. 'Mystery Revealed' In big letters and 'Alivia Clever professional psychic' in smaller ones. She may as well have put up a sign that says FREAKS LIVE HERE.
It was the first day of fifth grade in a new town and everyone already knew who I was. Some kids were afraid and stayed away but others were horrible. I got into my first fight that day.