Beauty in Lyrics Peace in Poetry

 So I was thinking about this very simple poem  wrote right before my mission. A friend was telling how I was going to be Sister Watkins now and I was telling her I didn't really know how to be anybody but me. I told her that I was just Syretta with a calling and a tag but still just me. A daughter of God trying to live a righteous life and being called to the work because of a sincere desire to serve God. So here it is.
             If anyone ask you who I am.
            Tell them a child of the King
            A princess without her royal crown,
            An angel without her wings
            For it is true I belong to
            The King of this whole world 
             The Creator of all there is
                 I am His little girl

I believe that the most vital information in the world is the knowledge that you are a child of God.
i truly love my heavenly Father I am thankful to know that I am His daughter. To me it is the source of true and honest self esteem and self love.

July 8th 12:24 2011
I was talking to my friend Jennifer about how life is a school and we learn all kinds of things both right and wrong. We learn from the church,friends,family,media. We learn and we grow and change. I was telling her how though I struggle with insecurities in my life (not feeling intelligent,being overweight ect) I don't struggle with self love very much. It is hard to have a testimony of who you are as a daughter of God and still somehow still be convinced of your own inferiority. We were talking about dating and how it depends a lot on how people see themselves and how they see you and how they want the world to view them. In other words The world teaches us that if we are not beautiful rich and intelligent we are not lovable or desirable.And that if we are than not only are we lovable but we are superior to those who are not. This is not what The Gospel teaches. 1 Jhon 4:19 Teaches the we love God because He first loved us. And yet if we see a handsome girl with a guy we don't find attractive we think. "What is she doing with him?" or "She can have any man she want's" (Well obviously she wants him huh?:)We do this because this is what we have been taught. Beauty equals lovable. Smarts equals superior. Wealth equals Worthy
Worthy of love worthy of acceptance.
Better, better than him. Too Good. It's sad but it's a reality it is what we have been taught in the school of life. Well this conversation with my Jen-Jen reminded me of a poem I wrote years ago Here it is

I didn't get the memo. I didn't buy the book.
Must have erased the message, Passed the poster without a look.
That must be why it shook me and took me by surprise.
That i wasn't beautiful because of the shape of my thighs.

I didn't hear the whispers.Was it on the morning news?
I must have overslept that day. Maybe I hit the snooze
That's why I didn't realize,that's why I didn't guess
That I wasn't beautiful because of the size of my dress
Guess I should skip lunch today. Should run instead of walk
Should hold my head down in shame, Shouldn't listen shouldn't talk

Maybe I should stay in today. Shouldn't expect respect from all
Should never have anyway. Shouldn't answer when friends call.

Or maybe I just ignored the memo. Spied the book but passed right bye.
Why didn't I get the message. I deleted it that's why!
Don't think it's a misconception cause it's just a flat out lie.
Who'd fall for this mess anyway!
I'm going to have some pie:)

I love that poem. Even though I still have many things to work on. I have the right and the responsibility to love myself in the mean time. I know that I am a daughter of God. And because of this I know that there is no man too beautiful rich or smart for me. because as I say in the Poem "Princess." The Creator of all there is. I am HIS little girl. And He will never say to me 'Daughter he is too good for you.'