Saturday, January 31, 2015

A little Kiss

Prologue 30 seconds... I could feel the second hand on my watch ticking ominously against my wrist with abnormal sensitivity. I took a step forward and Reign's arms tightened around my waist. Her strength restrained me completely. Mama sniffed and my eyes drifted from my beloved's lovely face to her tear streaked one. In that second I loved her for her love for me and greatly resented the second she's cost me. My eye's quickly found his again. Why?! I couldn't help but ask myself. Why were the most horrible things that could ever happen in my life happening? How could things that were worse than my nightmares be my reality? 19 seconds. He stared into my eyes, his full of fierce adoration,empathy,heartache. Even if it was a mistake to be with him I still wanted to. But that would mean shattering the already broken hearts of the loved ones around me. His expression didn't change. He looked... terrified, his face frozen in horror. “Be completely sure Kiss, This is your choice.” Zaisha's powerful voice was somehow both stern and empathetic. She stood beside him her power illuminating them in an eerie pinkish glow. A broken whimper passed my parted lips. His eyes broke away from mine to look at Reign. “Nuh-ooo.” Her pain filled sob buckled my shaking knees. She dragged me back again. The bright light intensified making me squint. “You need to let her go Reign she has to make the choice.” Daddy said in a low voice. Reign's only reaction was to drag me back again. The light got so bright we had to block our faces. I couldn't see him anymore but I heard him clearly when he whispered. “I love you Ki-.” 10 seconds...

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