Friday, December 21, 2012

Hello? How are you? what you up to? (Floetry, Hello)

So I'm back... did you miss me? I have been soooo busy being a student and figuring out what I want to do with my life. Lucky for me it is winter break and I have a little bit of time to just be myself. I am working on a 2 new books that i am pretty excited about. I wonder if I will finish them? I am super excited that i passed the class with that I struggled the most with.. American Heritage was created to torture me! I passed with a C+ I have never been so happy to see a C in my life!!! W have 3 new babies in the family now. O'Shae, Mekhi ans Zurii!! I am so excited to be their aunt!!! So what is going on now... I am reading a lot and writing a little. I am studying L.D.S conference talks as well as prominent lds authors for a book i am working on. So friend say a prayer for me and I shall chat with you soon!

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