Monday, March 21, 2011


So I have lost 30 pounds!! Exciting right who new having your cloths practically falling off could make one so happy lol. I have been working my behind off i tell ya! I work out for about an hour a day three to five days week and it has paid off but i could be losing more weight if it wasn't for my food addiction. I LOVE FOOD!! It is really quite sad this addiction. I can tell you why people are overweight. Because food is good! I love it so what is a girl to do when she is suppose to be on a diet and her friends and family bring pizza in the house. I tell you what she is suppose to do EAT IT!!! i have found that if i have what i crave i stop craving it and am able to get on with my day without the little devil on my shoulder saying "go ahead eat it."


  1. {Firstly} Syretta! You rock! Congratulations on your hard-work-paying-off! You are truly an inspiration to me.

    {Secondly} Amen, sister. Food is delicious. How do we refrain from the goodness?