Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Take me away (Keyshia Cole)

So on the 10th of June I went on a road trip to Moab Utah with the wonderful Wiest. It was so much fun we saw a lot of beautiful landscape. Take a road trip anywhere and you will realize that God is an artist! It took me forever to decide what pictures to use because I have so may beautiful ones!! The first place we stopped was called goblin valley because of the natural structures there. They are called hoodoo rocks and were formed through erosion over many years. Then we made it to the condo and it was just beautiful. There was an indoor pool and you best believe I enjoyed it even though i forgot to bring my bathing suit! We also went to Arches National Park. So named because of the many natural arches (over 200) My favorite structure was the balancing rock!! It was so much fun and i am so thankful for the wonderful Wiest and the experiences i have had the chance to have here!!

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